****"Ringside With Lemus Dos"****

(USN, 2005) in "Manama, Bahrain" (Middle East)

"Shout Outs"

****First & foremost my family, amazed yet never got into wrestling, my parents were supportive in especially my "Pops" whose always respected the business, much love to my kids who have always supported me!
The Lucha Raza from "Nuevo Laredo" Mexico, Nino, Santana Sr, Amenaza, Carlos Musquiz, Arandu, El Horoscopo, Dusty Wolfe, Chava "Salvaje" Anguiano, Aristeo Sombra, Max El Vikingo(Rip), Jerry Reyes, Alamo Kid, CJ Xavier, Madness, Bob Murphy, Marty Green, Izzy Astran, Delinquent Habits, Kemo, Kinto Sol, A.L.T!

In closing #Respect to the fans & also "Gracias a Dios" This website is dedicated in memory of my god father Roberto Solloa "Maddog Cruz" My god father was a business man who always dressed well, very respected in & out of the ring.
When It came to teaching me the ropes, he taught me about "Lucha Libre Tradition" respecting the dressing room, the boys, the fans & most important the show!
Also to My "Tio" whose always shared his wisdom with me, since day one he's always allowed me to be me!

I'm proud to say that after all the years involved in this business, my teachers taught me to always keep it real, I'm not a clown, gimmick, I "WAS" formerly trained in a Wrestling School, Im 100% "Lucha Libre TRADICION!
This business is full of hate & discontent, true friends, true fans know who "Lemus Dos" is, with or with out "La Mascara" I'm the wrestler, everyone knows I hold Lucha Libre as well as American Wrestling, It's traditions & it's old school in high regards!

In his initial days my uncle "Lemus Primero " always told me "Respect Others" "You are no better" 70% of the time the relationships start in the dressing room, we're all brothers & should respect each other & our business!!

Much respect to my wife, Roxann supportive through jacked up times, good bad, we understand, respect & appreciate each other!

My boy "Big Lou" (RIP) always there for me, Orale Bro!

Rest in Peace, Rene "El Soldado" & Richard Hernandez "Bull Ramos"

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We Roll!!!!!!!

"Lemus Jr"

(C)All about the "Lemus2 Familia"