"80's S.A Lucha Libre"

(1992) "Roberto Solloa" with godson "Lemus2"

****"Lucha Libre" was a real big thing in the 80's "Roberto Solloa" a talented Luchador from the 60's is highly credited with bringing Lucha Libre to San Antonio, when "Maddog Cruz" (His Ring Name) ventured into the Lucha Libre business, he formed a partnership with a successful entrepreneur "Pablo Valdez" they both found a small time pavillion, put a ring in it with seating!

This little pavillion on the Southside of town, the Ramirez Flea Market on Morsund rd was way out in the outskirts of S.A! Pablo also promoted friday shows at "Centeno's" & every couple of months Mexico talent was featured at "Randy's Ballroom"
Lucha fans loved Lucha Libre yet, Sunday Matiness were most popular, it didnt matter if there was bad seating or a fence around the ring, it was family entertainment, the food was great, the beer was cold & the luchadores were hard hitting, no nonsense. When all said & done it was way clear that Pablo & Roberto had created the best product ever!
Note; During that era Wrestling fans could easily get upset & so for safety, they put a fence so no one could throw objects at the wrestlers!!

**Thanks To "Max Barbershop" & "Gilbert Guajardo, To the fans, If you have a picture or if I left ANYONE out, shoot me an email & of course I'll add it on! lemus_dos@yahoo.com

Mr.Pablo Valdez holding one of his many programs. (Pic by Esteban Mendoza)

80's was an awesome decade, Lucha fans in SA enjoyed watching; Arandu, Yaki Moy, El Horoscopo, Salvaje Anguiano, Sota De Oros, Joven Maravilla, Yamba, El Indio, El Yaki, Aguilita, Black Hawk, Outlaw, Yamba, Principe Odin, Bello Florindo, The Biker, Henry Guarino, Rudy Boy, Manuel Villalobos, Rafaga Blanca, El Marques, The Masked Assassins, Bob Garcia, Polo Viera, El Texano, Principe Odin, Universitario, Lemus I, Jose Guerra, Mil Mascaras, Randy Hoskins, Dusty Wolf, The Superstar, the list goes on.

when it came to announcing "Manolete" was the man, very respected & was great at knowing everyone's bio, never skipped a beat!

Roberto was a family man who also was a Master Tailor for then "Alamo Uniforms" making military attire for the Air Force. Upon retirement he went on to own "Glovers Cleaners" on Nogalitos St.

In his wrestling days Roberto learned from the best & was known as a "Hooker" (one that knew how to hit & injure or take you out)he battled the likes of El Santo,Jose Lothario, Blue Demon, Blue Angel & even one time battled "Lou Thesz" for the NWA Title! As a promotor/booker Roberto was the ultimate boss, he was firm, fair, & strict, then again he had plenty of patience & always shared stories, he inspired & made you understand, he was very business & motivated all his wrestlers to give it 100%!
With always a suit or business casual, Roberto always took care of his people & if there was a shortage of money he'd be quick to take his wallet out & start paying!

On June 6, 2001 the Solloa family lost Roberto to Alzheimer's disease!

Presenting the "Rudo of the Year" award to "Salvaje Anguiano (pic taken 1985, by Mrs Anguiano)

This page is dedicated to my Godfather Roberto as well as all the "Old Timers" who paved the way & earned their battle scars.
It's up to us to keep that knowledge going & to be trained the right way!
Being a wrestler is a life long sacrifice it's a way of life & not just running the ropes for a week & saying "ok Im a wrestler" Does not work that way!!!!
I thank you "Padrino" for making me earn my stripes, you gave me the ass beating I needed to respect this beautiful sport, gracias!!!!! (RIP)

(1990)El Latino & Lemus Dos, two youngsters learning the Wrestling Business

"Yoko Ono"

"La Diabolica (Original) & Polo Viera (R) Yamba

"Principe Odin & California Kid"

A typical night of Lucha Libre At Centeno's!

"Black Alonzo"

El Medico, Joven Maravilla & a masked El Horoscopo, meanwhile in later years an unmasked "El Horoscopo" about to punch out "Joven Maravilla"

RIP Joseph "Iron Man" Rodriguez (El Pepe)

"Arandu & Ricky Boy"

Rudy Boy Gonzales(L) Sota De Oros (R)

"Bello Florindo" takes a cheap shot.

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