"The Lemus Dynasty"

(1980)"Lemus I vs Mr Lince" Mask vs Mask!!!

My uncle & cousin & this pic taken in 1990, Arena Valadez.

(1997)The WCW Era, My son Frankie with "Konnan"

(2014)TWF, Gonzales, TX The Faction of "Lemus I & Dos"

(2003)"Lemus I, Dos & Jr w Marvik(2013) TWF, Cuero, TX The Team Of "Lemus Dos & Jr"

(1992-93)With visions of lights, screaming fans & chingazos, Lemus II & El Latino emerge ringside!

(1998) El Latino's short stint as Lemus III!!!

(2012) SCW Lytle, Tx "Los Lemus"

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