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Enero 2020

***Upcoming Shows, News***

"Mi Raza Mi Gente" what up!! I wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year & hope to see everyone at local indy shows all over, I thank you for supporting Pro Wrestling many of us in the Wrestling Lucha Libre community work hard day in day out to provide the best wrestling entertainment possible, thanks again.

More info posted soon as this site gets it.

See Ya Ringside!

"I Love the business, it commands the utmost respect, it's not a hangout nor should it be treated as such, it's a time honored business" Robert Fuller!

"If you ain't got a Vince contract your just an Indy like we all are"---Dusty Wolfe

"Ultimately It's the fans that decide whether your a good wrestler or a bad one" Lemus Dos

"Lemus Dos" taking bookings at lemus_dos@yahoo.com

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