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“Happy New Year” to everyone, 2017 came and went welcome to 2018, it’s now January we all know exciting things will happen with the “Biznass” being diverse, what have you done to prepare yourself for 2018?

Some will say that they had shows all the way into January, some will say that they took a break for a month but kept working out, there’s a batch that will say that they kept working out yet they upgraded their gear, upgraded their merch, upgraded their logistics!

Where did you fall at or did you just say screw it & just didn’t prepare? Either way, Now’s the time to prepare don’t fall into the category of bad attitude. The Wrestling Business is jacked nowadays because people crap all over it & disrespect it, how do you expect to make any kinds of money if you just don’t care or if you feel as if your entitled, yet you don’t work for anything. I make the most rugged comments & sometimes with no filter because I want YOU to be smart, I want YOU to make money but if you choose not to LISTEN so be it.

It’s 2018 & grateful that god gives me the will & strength to get into the ring & do what I love, thanks god for today & for everything that I have, to all wrestling fans thanks for your support. I promise to give you your money’s worth this year, I promise to entertain you & when I get on the microphone to talk smack, rest assured like some that don’t care, I will not curse nor say bad words because I have kids & you do too, again Thanks!

I was going to leave my News Info from December but I realized all that is water under the bridge it doesn't matter any more bring on 2018!


See Ya Ringside!

“I Love the business, it commands the utmost respect, it’s not a hangout nor should it be treated as such, it’s a time honored business" Robert Fuller!

“If you ain’t got a Vince contract your just an Indy like we all are” –Dusty Wolfe

"Ultimately It's the fans that decide whether your a good wrestler or a bad one" Lemus Dos

"Lemus Dos" taking bookings at lemus_dos@yahoo.com

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