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YOOOO You’re on that binge where you’re losing the pounds, because maybe you were too busy playing bull shit games that you figured Wrestling's serious BIZNASSSS, congrats thanks for FINALLY figuring that out, however believing your entitled “NO” in the first place you were supposed to be working out since day#1, Anyway get out of that notion where you believe your own hype, you work the fans not the boys in the back!

Be grateful that you get to live your dreams understand that times are tough and I know that we politic every day to get put on shows however when you prostitute yourself and you work for dirt cheap not only do you hurt the boys but the promoters laugh at you, word gets out quickly, where’s your self-respect?
If you get hurt, who pays the bill?

Money you spend on your gear, who pays the bill?

Oh but you losing weight.

Unfortunately there are no friends and the only time they care about you is when you’re doing something for them!

Rolling with my Paisano "Laredo Kid"

For 22 years as a US NAVY sailor I helped preserve “Freedom of Speech” I spent plenty of time overseas mostly the Middle East, it was a different world, now retired & very active in the Wrestling business I post this, that, everyday wrestling hype; recently I have mooches that know nothing about the business ratting me out like if this is going to hurt me and my 30+ year illustrious wrestling career sorry, again It’s called “freedom of speech”

I have every right to express myself because I can, I don’t need a CTCW plaque Hall of fame (that Solomon Grundy got but he left early didn’t know he was getting the plaque and left) to define who “Lemus Dos” Is I’ve wrestled the best of the best, made money, won championships, and up most importantly, made plenty of friends, and let’s not get it twisted, I WILL say what I feel and if you don’t like my comments then get your shit straight, quit screwing over the wrestling business & the fans that pay a hard earned ticket to be entertained.

Until you’ve walked in my shoes for a day then you can talk all the shit you want.

I already know that I'm on the way out so instead of acting like a "Douche" bag because I'm happy, always in a great mood, positive us my experience treat me right im one of the very few veterans that's positive right after me there's Rudy & Tito need I say more?

There isn’t a show where I’m confronted by mass bullshitter’s that feed me lies or tell me “you’re in line for my title” “or “we need vets like you, step up” yet NEVER ever deliver, this is why now I tell people “save it, let’s do coffee during the week & we can talk” but no one one takes me up on the offer for free coffee & a taco so what does that mean?
In closing; I have a great sense of humor & I’m a big sucker for intellectual conversation but feed me lies bullshit & lay politics on me & I WILL SHUT YOU DOWN QUICKLY!

*********** Big shout and a thanks to Laredo Gateway Pro Wrestling for the opportunity to work one of their shows I had a blast of a time, great competition & finally got to meet "Danilo" from Dallas, Tx I dubbed him our manager as I teamed with Santana Jr & SR.

That crowd was live as for our opponents "Street Boy Magnetico & Universitario" were no joke, those three were on point. Had fun thanks!

SEPTEMBER's NEWS & INFO; This post was from a while back & I thought Id throw it back in here;
We are now at a point where skill and looks are everything, notes & points to think about;

“The gift of gab” going out there and telling a story via voice, start getting a hold of those promotions and start getting bookings, get out there and speak, let your voice be heard “I want to get booked”

“Looking like a Million Bucks” Gear is everything start working on that, better your gear all the way to the socks, inspect your boots, laces, knee/ elbow pads, also the actual gear tights, trunks, bibs etc. It all transcends into your suit case, your suit case should be in neat order, make sure handles and wheels are in working order remove your trash and keep only what you need.

I recommend you keep scissors, sewing kit & toilet paper (Because you never know) stock up on tape, make sure your CD is free of debris in a case and labeled, the world has become very “computer” so a flash drive with your music would also be helpful, if that doesn’t work, on your phone find an alternate song from you tube easy to find, music sets your tone, never expect perfection, stupid DJ’s exist.

Lastly it’s annoying to see wrestler’s come to work in sweats, shit shorts wwe t shirts, it doesn’t matter where the show’s at, the show is a place of business, dress to impress always, nice jeans, clean shoes, and collar shirt, appear neat and clean and quit looking like crap, clean shaven, haircuts

“The Craft” start working out, hit the gym, do ring time and develop a system where you are different from everyone else.

All this is common sense, let’s not get it twisted we are all in this business to make money, get your heads out of your ass quit being lazy and using toy masks, be original and come up with your own material. Make it one of your better years it’s time to take the wrestling business seriously, once you do the fans promotions bookers will take note of this and book you more often.

Moving right along; It aint hard to be on top of the game I know that sometimes no one cares as you walk into a dressing room, they look at you like "whatever" that's fine but if your gear and your game is on point things will be fine, this one time I walked into a dressing room here in San Antonio and if looks could kill I’d be dead of course when Lemus Dos walks in I’m a spectacle, happy go lucky, hate me, oh well but I smile, I’m good and I’m ready to go unfortunately my opponent assumed he could have his way with me and he thought wrong because when it was time to work I SHUT him down, that night the fans knew exactly what was up!

Everything is "Focus" I see, I understand things, the dressing room is sacred you respect it and I know that times have changed we have our fun we hang out however here we go again at a Lucha Show again here In SA & quite honestly I don’t really know this kid “OMEGA” I know he wasn’t properly TRAINED based on his level of work, ugly attitude & this belief that he’s entitled, to what? I don’t know.

This kid non shaven, no charisma, crappy gear, gets on a microphone when he's NOT supposed too & no idea what psychology is, blew gasket once his match was done, turning the switch off, reflecting on weaknesses with no regards to personal respect of other’s, upset mad furious walked into the dressing room bitching, complaining that things didn’t go HIS way and he could’ve gotten hurt and “oh” a tantrum at that, this is NOT the first time I hear “OMEGA” bitching and complaining he acts as if he’s been doing this for years when it’s only been a year!

This arguably is an accident waiting to happen and I recommend he NOT be used until he is properly retrained, he spends more time talking about Media Buzz on the internet than he does worried about how he’ll better his game, his match, and what he’ll bring to the table!

These are things that happen daily, I’ve said it once and YES I’ll say it again

“The show is not about you it’s about the fans”

I wrote this a week ago and when I watched a bit of "Triple Mania" I was witness to "Sexy Star" going to business for herself and there you go this was exactly what I was talking about, I’m not gonna be a Mark “And hey this, hey that “

Seriously be happy you are able to live a dream and if your game is tight you get paid for it but NO, we act like entitled little bitches, grow up.

The rest of you that are dedicated & care, I’m proud of you good job!

rolling with "Kep" at Flesh Tatoos!

See Ya Ringside!

“I Love the business, it commands the utmost respect, it’s not a hangout nor should it be treated as such, it’s a time honored business" Robert Fuller!

“If you ain’t got a Vince contract your just an Indy like we all are” –Dusty Wolfe

"Ultimately It's the fans that decide whether your a good wrestler or a bad one" Lemus Dos

"Lemus Dos" taking bookings at lemus_dos@yahoo.com

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