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ACH & Lemus Dos in Round Rock, Tx

**News, Info**

2017 was a good year, like anything there was ups & downs, grateful that I was able to entertain the fans.
I’ve learned that often in this business “Reinvention” is good & for that, being Original’s easy. Like anything I’m not a superstar and nor do I claim superstar status “Lemus Dos” was formerly trained in a Wrestling School & is business, MOST IMPORTANT it’s all about keeping it real, keeping it “100” a good attitude, hard work, working out, proper gear, being safe, being on time, proper responsibility, dressing right for the job & most of all being HONEST, all key.

Those that know me know that after 30 years, I voice knowledge and opinion, you can benefit from me or you can blow me off, Don't take anything personal, It's BUSINESS!!

**These are my Comments**

**To The following Promotions , Thanks for Vesting time in Me**

Pro Wrestling International

America’s Academy Pro Wrestling Austin, Tx

Premiere Wrestling Entertainment, Round Rock, Tx

Central TX Championship Wrestling

Texas Wrestling Association

Wrestle Circus, Austin, TX

Mexican American Lucha Libre,

Christian Championship Wrestling

Branded Outlaw Wrestling (Thanks for SHUTTING me down with no Notice)

**The View**

Not just this year but in the last couple of years we come across these trends where our community begins to do things that make no sense, what’s pissed me off is talent that instead of working out, you watch TV and what you see instead of working out you just execute it in an actual show and someone gets hurt.

A wrestler using other people’s gimmicks to gain money, with that in mind the name “Porky” “Parkita” “Nacho Libre” ”Septiembre Negro” should NEVER be used, those names are TAKEN.

In Wrestling diversity is good & it should be very legit however it’s my PERSONAL opinion & because I spent a lot of time in the Middle East I don’t agree with an Arab using a mask much less can’t speak the language. FANS ARE NOT STUPID!

This Business is for grown ups, we have, children that have not matured and are already in their mid-30’s being placed in important shows & they act so unprofessional and childish or if not there are some (my Favorite) that believe that their entitled to everything, badly trained, you don’t even belong in the ring & you show up looking like shit dressed in shit clothes & you get upset because things don’t go your way!

“The shows NOT about you it’s about the fans”

you represent that company, before you start demanding;

What are you bringing to the table?

Ask yourself “do I look good?

Do I look like a wrestler?

True fact we come in all sizes however, will a fan pay a ticket to see you?

Does your gimmick/ Name make sense, does it go with your appearance.

Are you passionate about your gimmick?

do you believe in your gimmick?

What does your gear look like?

Are your boots neatly polished?

Do your colors match?

Mic Skills, Can you talk, Can you tell a story & get to the point in no more than maybe 2 minutes?

Does your Brand, Music make Sense?

Do you have Merchandise to sell?

Booker’s Promoters do your research, respect your talent, we all come from different walks of life, treat your talent with “Respect” they put themselves out there, they work out like crazy, they spend thousands of dollars in gear to look good for YOUR show, they don’t need to be disrespected, be balls if you don’t have a need for them or be honest & don’t just blow them off!

A massive shout out to, Bob Murphy (TASW) & Marty Green (Premiere Wrestling) these gentlemen for years have put the Stamp on TX Wrestling, fair & being honest right here!

In my time I've seen crap moves like, oh yea, Promoter;
Took the black box(had all the money, it was a paid show) and left everyone else to fend for themselves. We were in the Valley.

Kept all the money & paid everyone 10 dollars but had 20 sponsors & you were well set.

paid talent in quarter’s 20 of them.

only hooked up his boys the rest were paid in beer.

I can go on but I’ll stop, in short; if Wrestling had more people like these two we’d all be making some decent money!

**Promotions, Schools**

My take on “Promotions & Wrestling Schools” Simple, “Chris Marval’s” Hybrid Wrestling School great ambiance, Instructors are very thorough I recommend it as well as “Rudy Boy’s” Wrestling School, Texas Wrestling Entertainment or TWA, very Old School also thorough!
Anything else I wouldn’t recommend it all there going to do is take your money!

these kids watch wrestling & they get themselves involved in a Wrestling school hoping to make it, they pay tuition just like you’re going to school, they earn their bruises in the ring, their properly trained, maybe a year two years later you debut in a match but you keep working out, you find your niche gather your best gear & you begin to work this happens because there is promise in you! That’s how it works, NOT pay tuition receive the most Jacked training & begin to work within 5,6,7 months TNT’s notorious for that!

As for the worst promotion of the year “Laredo Gateway Wrestling” (Antonio & a shady ass mark wanna be hustler named Trinity) firing those that were with you since day#1, disrespecting Veterans by using and abusing them!

Valtierra Lucha Libre uses talent that’s been badly trained & no one uses, arguably the worst wrestling shows ever!

**It's Showtime, Best Matches**

Slammin Chris Cro!

Laredo, Tx……Lemus Dos & the Santana clan Vs Universitario, Street boy & Magnetico

Laredo, Tx----finals in a scramble title match; Red Dragon, Spartan Lemus Jr, Lemus Dos, Magnetico, Street boy.

Texas All Star Wrestling at Trader’s Village……..Lemus Dos Vs Rudy Russo

Texas All Star Wrestling at Trader’s Village……Lemus Dos Vs Brindis del Aire

Austin Wrestling Revolution, in Lockhart, TX---Lemus Dos Vs Santana Jr.

Wrestle Circus in Austin, Tx……………………….……Lemus Dos Vs Blue Blade

Mexican American Lucha Libre-----------------------Lemus Dos Vs Dyl Dempsy

**Worst Matches**

TNT Wrestling at “Busted Sandal”………Lemus Dos Vs Vasiri

PWI at “Night Owlz”………… Lemus Dos Vs Aquaman

I swear one of these day’s I’m going to write a book memoirs everything, Don’t get me wrong I appreciate everyone, thanks, I can honestly say that I’ve kept it real with everyone, I’m passionate, I care about the Business, I’m one to never be rude nor disrespectful, HOWEVER …. those 10% of you that choose to be ignorant, Shady & YES you talk smack behind my back, How about for once be balls to confront me, instead you look at me with that stupid smile trying to be "Down" like that & what I see is "Shady" written all over your face.

I deal with Inmates every day I play a mean game of checker’s & I get paid for it, you forget all the good Ive done for you yet you treat me like crap, That’s cool instead of hating on me, be thankful that you even get a chance to entertain the fans!

A reminder I keep it Real 365 days a year & I refuse to kiss your ASS & I VALUE my hard work, so if this is the reason why I don’t get booked, so be it, if I never get booked again, It was grand, anyway 2018 is coming around & it’s gonna be “Live” I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for all your support!

Shout outs to; Red Dragon, Alamo Kid, Spartan, Dyl Dempsy, Corvice, Tormenta Legion, Pretty Boy Ru, Rey Ortiz, Tiger Hart, Eddie Scott, JC Bravo,Benny Bravo, Street boy, Magnetico, Universitario, Jeff Gant, Lemus JR, Cesar Reyes, Chino Reyes, Luchador Bar, Cris Crow, Busted Sandal, Michelada Fest, Marty Green, Alex Marralozos, Compadre Gabe, Colt Cabana, ACH, Scorpio Sky, Brindis del Aire,Taya Valkerie, FK Menace, Santana Clan, Bobby Garret,Ronald, Los Borrachos pit Crew(fast Eddie, TKO, “Honest” Abe Guttierrez) Laredo kid, Rudy Russo, Horde,Mike Dell, Marval,Kiana,Big Biss, AAPW Kids they drank with me, Chavo SR (RIP)Kobra Moon, Delinquent Habits, Akwid, Galvan crew from CC, Crooked Stilo, Kinto Sol, Frost, Psycho Realm, Hey to the rest if I didn't mention you, owe you a Beer & you know how I roll!

Kobra Moon!

See Ya Ringside!

“I Love the business, it commands the utmost respect, it’s not a hangout nor should it be treated as such, it’s a time honored business" Robert Fuller!

“If you ain’t got a Vince contract your just an Indy like we all are” –Dusty Wolfe

"Ultimately It's the fans that decide whether your a good wrestler or a bad one" Lemus Dos

"Lemus Dos" taking bookings at lemus_dos@yahoo.com

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