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March, 2017


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So in short; how in the hell are you going to ask me for a "Resume" when the remainder of your wrestling roster your booking for your first show's comprised of all your classmates from wrestling school, come on bro there are few Veterans here in SA and still active and sacrificing, it’s because of Vets like me that have paved the way for you and you act a fool, “don’t bullshit the bull shitter”

No disrespecting even though you already did, I wish you luck, you probably believe it's easy to run show, so be it, it's all good, I can tell you that if your gonna run a show in grand formation “The show of shows, standing room only” pick a better venue.

ANYWAY............... moving right along, No one cares that you were an MMA fighter, why do you have to justify yourself, at EVERY show?
If you’re feeling low, how bout train in an actual wrestling school, how bout MAKE time to learn your craft instead of making a big deal and justifying yourself to everyone.

While we’re going there; quit being a "shit for brains" YES you train hard, you got pretty good, you’re a little bit over, and now he feels the need to over charge booker’s promoters.

“Oh yea we charging this” hey idiot you’re not as over as you think, no one understands you for one and two what credible opponents have you worked against recently?
One of these days, I can’t wait to see you in action and the opponent you work against has nothing for you and kicks your ass.

You don’t start a promotion to make yourself the champion and put yourself in main events, while the talent you book that actually does know how to work, is being put in the second match in a crowds of 30.

As I roll out; This is some of the garbage that happens every day in our business, this is the reason why we are so underpaid and so disrespected, It’s not hard to invest in your gear, it’s not hard to dress nice and go to work on time and be business, dedication, sacrifice and being positive is key and instead we don’t care and we crap on the business, you wanna makes some money and succeed? Wake ups & goes to work.

Contrary to any kinds of talk, in his down time “Chavo Guerrero” was cool, I worked with him and against him and spoke good knowledge he will be missed!

**Happy B Day to my bro "El Latino"

Rolling with "Chavo Guerrero"

Back stage with "Allie Kat" at AAPW show

See Ya Ringside!

“I Love the business, it commands the utmost respect, it’s not a hangout nor should it be treated as such, it’s a time honored business" Robert Fuller!

“If you ain’t got a Vince contract your just an Indy like we all are” –Dusty Wolfe

"Ultimately It's the fans that decide whether your a good wrestler or a bad one" Lemus Dos

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