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Jan - Dec, 2021

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Sombra's Promotion's present's "LUCHA LIBRE"

"Club Fraternal Cruz Blanca"
July 16, 2021
1619 W. Poplar
$10 adults, Kids $5
All Ages show, cold beer, food fun family entertainment, bring you're Lawn Chairs.
Show starts at 8:00Pm

What can I say thanks to all for you're support I appreciate you, never hesitate to hit me up at a show and talk, lately I'm on a roll and out to give the fans my 100 percent, I know who all you shady people are step up and I will "NOT" hesitate to embarrass you, like I said Im on a roll, on top and don't intend to come down, any way, thanks!!!!

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See Ya Ringside!

"I Love the business, it commands the utmost respect, it's not a hangout nor should it be treated as such, it's a time honored business" Robert Fuller!

"If you ain't got a Vince contract your just an Indy like we all are"---Dusty Wolfe

"Ultimately It's the fans that decide whether your a good wrestler or a bad one" Lemus Dos

"Lemus Dos" taking bookings at lemus_dos@yahoo.com

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