***D uring 1985 while a junior at "Burbank High School" A young Roger Musquiz had been secretly training during the summer at "Arena Cuatro Caminos" training facility in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
As a young kid he'd travel with his uncle all over, carrying his uncle's bag's and learning the traditions of old Lucha Libre, he watched how other luchadores would prep themselves for battle, he learned "Respect, Honor & Responsibility"
As a teen he knew he wanted to be a Luchador, so off he ventured on his own, he did this without consent of his uncle, parents who opposed nephew/son getting involved in the cutthroat business of Lucha Libre (Mexican, Pro Wrestling) When the summer training ended in Mexico, he returned back home to San Antonio, to continue with high school & training, he was trained under the watchful eye of Luchadores "Arandu & El Horoscopo" his godfather was an old time wrestling promoter by the name of "Mad Dog Cruz" (Roberto Solloa) Roberto promoted lucha shows, ran his gym and also recruited young talent at the famed "Arena Valadez" the young student kept training until the end of his senior year, when summer hit he returned back to Nuevo Laredo for more training, some of the older luchadores would tell the uncle that he was "ready to go" with much surprise Lemus I was not aware his young nephew was being trained, the old man was content but would tell the older luchadores to "stretch him" the youngster would never complain, he just wanted to learn and took it like a man, uncle was proud and happy!

(1985)Lemus at Centeno's

**Debut Match & Join The NAVY see the World**

His first wrestling name was "Lemans" & started wearing a black mask with a red "Antifaz" (Stripe) so that people would know he was related to "Lemus I" (Lemus I wore a black mask with gold antifaz)
San Antonio, TX, October 26, 1986, at the now defunct "Arena Valadez" "Lemans" makes his official wrestling debut against veteran "El Yaki" this match was not your regular four star match, it didn't last long, the old timer would not allow young Lemans to mount any type of defense or showcase any type of skills, in short he took a beating, Yaki was dq'd for taking Lemans mask off!
This match was an eye opener, he enjoyed the friendships, the knowledge and the brotherhood, to him the business was awesome, Lemans understood that athletes get hurt on a daily basis, he wanted a career in pro wrestling but also wanted an education just in case his wrestling career was cut short due to an injury.

December 1986 Lemans enlists in the US NAVY. Lemans was awarded "Rookie of the year" at the Arena Valadez "End of Year" banquet awards and was also a main stay in Buddy Moreno's USA Pro Wrestling!

My debut match!

While on active duty and stationed in the "Bay Area" San Francisco he competed in amateur wrestling, during his vacations he'd wrestle professionally. Christmas 1989 (while on vacation) Uncle Lemus explained to his nephew that with a new twist and with dues paid, it was time to step up! Old Timer "Sangre Chicana" and uncle saw a youngster being responsible, showing good attitude and willingness to excel, there were many luchadores that lobbied or kissed ass to gain the name Lemus II, as a Christmas present, for all the hard work & dedication the young nephew was given the name Lemus II & even now changed his mask to Black and Gold just like his Uncle.


****Note: On or around 1984, In Mexico city there was already a Lemus II, this guy was a product of up & coming luchadores out of Nuevo Laredo, so unfortunate, Juan Alvarez was a bad apple who got caught up with the wrong people & made the getaway to Mexico, Lemus I was always bailing him, out of trouble!
While In Mexico he landed a job with Empresa Mexicana De Lucha libre (EMLL) now CMLL & even tried to roll an angle where he was the only Lemus until a wire was sent from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City & no, he was not the only Lemus, Alvarez was very shady & had a bad attitude. His claim to lucha libre fame was a trios match where he lost his mask.( El Dandy,Fuerza Guerrera, Emilio Charles Vs Vulcano, Lemus II, Tony Arce) after that, no sight, no mention!

In The 70's Andres Richardson used mask & name to become "Lemus" a year later changing the name to "Sangre Chicana" losing the mask to become an iconic figure In Mexican Wrestling. In The 80's Lemus I inherit mask & name to become a very well respected luchador. In The 90's Lemus I gives his young nephew exclusive rights to the name "Lemus II"

Sangre Chicana!!!!!

**The UWA, Discharged From Active Duty**

After being stationed in California, a small stint in "All Pro Wrestling" & experiencing the birth of "Chicano Rap" a major musical influence in who Lemus Dos is today, the next burst of opportunity is in the city of Ingleside, TX(suburb of Corpus Christi) a small town "where everyone knows everyone"

1992, The city of "Corpus Christi TX" was notorious for showcasing Live Pro Wrestling at the famed "Yellow Rose" Convention Center. Getting to know the area a young Lemus Dos tries out for the Universal Wrestling Alliance (UWA) a small time promotion run by veteran wrestler "Chuck West" It ran shows twice a month and employed a decent roster, due to Lemus' Lucha skills, West decided he'd make Lemus a "Tecnico" (Good Guy) Lemus II figured that if his mentor "Sangre Chicana" was from Chicago, why not be From L.A, On the night of his first UWA match (1992) He became "Lemus II from East L.A"
It took a while to finally step foot in a UWA ring, true fact Chuck West was fully in charge yet the one that really called the shots was an old timer by the name of "Billy Goelz" Billy was a shooter during the 50's era & could take you out in a heartbeat! Billy had "Cauliflower" ears and plenty of stories to tell, he always sat at the corner & saw everything, moves, reactions, and basically he gave the yes or no!
The Mexican community stood behind Lemus II as a "tecnico" (Face) Chuck West capitalized on a Luchador that was bilingual & personable. Venturing into American wrestling was tough especially during his debut match where the team of "Tsunami Tomayo & Lemus II face "The Badd Boys" Mark Cox & Randy Romance in the months to come & in Alice, TX during an elimination match he becomes UWA JR. hwt Champion, beating "Tsunami Tomayo"

(1992) UWA Jr Champ!

Naval base, Ingleside runs a story in their newspaper.

UWA was a learning experience & Lemus II would go on to have good matches against "Tommy Knight" "Diamond Rocket" "Lightning Mike" San Antonio's David Cantu's Southwest Championship Wrestling II was also a Hot Spot and a skip across the border into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico this time it wasn't as a student it was as a full-fledged Luchador! Both Lemus I & II officially adopt black masks with red antifaz.
In 1996 He is honorably discharged from the Navy & joins the Naval Reserve!

**Pro Wrestling International, Titles & Good Matches**

In 1998 The Team Of Lemus I & II began to work for "Jose Lothario's PWI (Pro Wrestling International) PWI was cutting edge & only the elite of Local Indy Wrestlers were allowed to work for the company, Jose Lothario did a good job of running the promotion & if you were going to be part of the company you had to try out & if selected it was mandatory to show up & work out.

PWI was very popular with the media. Shawn Michael's was also part of the PWI brand until Michael's took over and it became The Texas Wrestling Alliance.
Lemus Dos enjoyed a decent run it wasn't the wrestling that made him more so, it was the media exposure.
A notable match 1999 "Rudy Boy & Chief Battu" Vs "Lemus I & II" & Lemus Dos & Mr. Wrestling III Vs Mules Skinner Red & Papa Don

At the end of 1999, Lemus II becomes part of (UTW) Underground Texas Wrassling & Jack Armstrong's (STEW) South Texas Extreme Wrestling, where he had caliber matches against; Reno Hall, Eddie Atlas, El Latino, Sicodelico Jr, & Bull Ramos (RIP) months later he takes out Reno Hall to become UTW Champion!

In 2007 PWI resurfaced once AGAIN this time a new roster, a rash of American Wrestling & Lucha Libre, The faction of "Chief Battu & Lemus II" capture PWI Tag Team Titles in a final elimination match against "Tommy Gunn & Mr. Muerte!

"Lemus2 & Chief Battu" PWI Tag Team Champions!

In 2009 He captures the PWI US title from "Draven" one month later losing it to "Wallace Gordon" At PWI's 2009 "Slam & Jam" he wins it again, making him 2 time champion!

In 2017 & after years of keeping up, PWI begins to refresh it's talent bringing in New & Old school Competitors, always staying on top of his game & now on a Mission, on January 13, 2018 after 21 years he captures the coveted PWI Heavyweight title taking out "Spartan"

It's Like anything, politics in pro wrestling is alive & well it never fails, due to bad choices, bad talent and a booker who is all about himself, on March 16, 2019 after more than 365 days as PWI Heavyweight Champion, Lemus Dos relinquishes his title & moves on

**Finding A Girl Named Lucha**

You learn how to be a luchador but end up working the American style of wrestling, what can you say? "The Menace from East L.A" finds his roots & jumps to a smaller time Lucha Libre promotion!
LLM (Lucha Libre Mexicana) run by veteran Luchador "Salvaje Anguiano" was home to Lemus II, Lucha libre has always played a major influence & coming back to do some Lucha Shows & being part of the roster was great experience.
On July 2001 "Lemus2 & Super Black" Face the Team Of "Avispon and Atrevido" in the Main Event!
For simplistic & easy going, Lemus would gain the respect of all luchadores because of his good attitude, respect for the business & always wanting to work out, although there are 1 or 2 haters but what can I say only when their drunk they start smack!

Unfortunately Texan luchadores carry the bad habit of drinking before their shows & then they wonder why they don't draw; really it's due to bad attitude & not wanting to train. They don't understand that in the wrestling business it's all individual effort, what you put into it is what you get out of it! Mexican lucha mentality is above & beyond, you WILL do things right, no excuse, good attitude is of essence!
In 2003 Lemus II won the title from Veteran "El Horoscopo" & at the LLM end of year awards, twice has won the "Rudo of the Year" Award!

(2003)LLM Heavyweight Champ!

During his stay at LLM he was also part of TXW (Texas Extreme Wrestling) In Corpus Christi, TX with a new twist and a different roster Lemus II captured the TXW Light Heavy Weight Title.
Two notable matches in TXW a 3 way dance "Lemus II Vs Jeremy Lopez Vs Don Juan" & the other, tag team match "Jeremy Lopez and Reno Hall" Vs "Lemus II and Chavo Guerrero.

**Texas Wrestling Entertainment, The Jump To Mexico**

In Late 2004 Lemus II is part of (TWE) "Texas Wrestling Entertainment" One of the most important matches in his tenure At TWE was a "Mask Vs Mask" match where he unmasked "El Crazzy"

Meanwhile also a mainstay In "Division Del Norte" in Nuevo Laredo; it took Lemus Dos years to finally wrestle in Mexico & in the big arenas alongside his brother and of course finally "Lemus I & Jr"
A notable match was at the now defunct "Arena Siglo 21" Main Event, Friday July 8, 2005, Lemus II Vs Krazzy Soul Vs Mr Nuclear, in the finals; Lemus II unmasks "Krazzy Soul"

**Putting in some Work**

2006 Mexican American Wrestling, (MAW) is established. This promotion is all about Lucha Libre & based on The West-Side, every other Friday on W.Poplar St "Salon Cruz Blanca" it was a packed house as fans love Lucha Libre.

MAW brass is all about bringing luchadores from all over Mexico & showcasing the best in Mexican Indy wrestling.
Lemus2 battled the best In Indy Lucha Libre; notably a one on one Vs "Estrella Universal"

Universitario & Lemus2 vs Estrella Universal & Javier Santana Sr.

Lemus I Dos & JR Vs Tigre Mysterio, El Latino, Ave Fenix

On 3 occasions he's been MAW Champion and on On October 19, 2015 again Lemus Dos becomes 4 time MAW champion after taking out "Alamo Kid" and "Porky USA" after an elimination match!

"Mexican American Wrestling Champion"

Mexican American Wrestling was also good about moving around & not staying in one spot "Salon Cruz Blanca" at W Poplar St became even more popular when it started doing Lucha Libre shows, this old venue during the 50's once presented "James Brown"
While Mexican American Wrestling was moving around, rival promotion "Mexican American Lucha Libre" (MALL) opened it's doors and took over.

In 2018 the Mall promotion held couple of shows with good response!

In 2007 Lemus II was scouted by "Texas Wolverine All Stars" to be part of its Lucha Libre Roster, now part of the TWA roster and "PIONEER" of this new company, Lemus would become TWA's most hated "Rudo" he was on the quest to excel and give the fans their money's worth, a year later 2008 Lemus II is crowned TWA Lucha Libre Champion knocking out "Black & White & again in late September taking out "Piloto Suicida" making him 2 time champion, becoming a mainstay in the roster!!

Into 2009 and now TWA American Wrestling, Lemus saw high caliber matches against Vince Vile, Ken Johnson, Draven, Lunar Eclipse (The List Goes On) due to the Old School mentality, good attitude & a willingness to succeed at all costs!

On May 28, 2010 he becomes TWA Champion beating "Alex Drazen" He had awesome matches against Bubba Dumplings, Gabe "The Babe" CJ Xavier, The Smurfs.

(2008)TWA Lucha Libre Champion!

In September 14, 2018 "The Menace" get's inducted into The TWA "Hall Of Fame"

In Feb 2010, Modern Era, Old School Lemus Dos & El Resplandor become "Los Luchas Locos" Tough & Texas Wrestling (TNT)believe in diversity "Los Luchas Locos" are respected & loved by Mexican fans, being the only masked luchadores in TNT! With flashy outfits, they get introduced in Spanish by white boy announcer, front man spokesman "Lemus II" tells it like it is!
On October 15, 2010 "Los Luchas Locos" win The TNT Tag Team titles from El Latino and Kvn Knight!

**Number#1 Midcard Heel, Hitting H-Town**

Three years before as Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW) is a legit promotion, there was no way a chance that Lemus2 would ever be considered a main stay due to its then brass, the company suffers hardships & as the year 2010 emerges, Don Holding takes command of his company and new faces appear in SCW & the rivalry Between Lemus2 & his brother El Latino becomes a big fixture leading to "CAGEFEST" onto 2011!

Lemus2 becomes SCW's #1 mid card heel, the show of shows & because the company had vision it made Lemus Dos! SCW had a roster of main eventer's "One Man" Mike Dell, ACH, Dick Dallas, Spiro, Smurfs, Miss Maulie, Franco DeAngelo, Vance Archer, a roster full of dedicated talent, SCW becomes the hottest show every other Saturday, Lemus Dos becomes the only Luchador on the roster & hated by the fans, for always talking ugly smack, he faces tough opposition, Dick Dallas, Bubba Dumplings, The Smurfs & The rivalry between him & his brother leads to a match in early June "Career Vs Career"
Successes in SCW lead to shows in Houston, Tx for Jaivos Wrestling Promotion (JWP) where he defends his JWP Lucha Libre title.
The company has problems with the building and is forced to close down, however on the last show, June 25, 2011 Lemus Dos faces WWF HOF legend The "Honky Tonk Man"

**Refuge & Success on The Road**

Texas Wrestling Federation (TWF) was a step up for Lemus Dos, road trips, venues where people pay a ticket, no nonsense, no bullshit, Beeville, Cuero, Lulling, Lockhart, Seguin, Alice, Gonzales The list goes on, Lemus Dos becomes TWF's Number#1 Heel.
On December 4, 2011 Lemus Dos & "Black Soul" Capture TWF Tag Team Titles!
On March 24, 2012 in Beeville, Tx "Los Luchas Locos" (El Resplandor) become 2 time Tag Team champions this time, beating "El Latino & Alex Drazen"
He had awesome matches against Thunder Jett, Mr. B, Alex Drazen,Javier Vega, Robbie E, El Latino, Vance Archer, Kvn Knight!

Meanwhile (2015) Bob Murphy CEO of Houston Based "Texas All Star Wrestling "began scouting for new talent for his promotion TASW. This premiere company has been around since early 80's.
Looking for something different where there is no drama's & ego's "Lemus Dos was given the chance to shine.

Bar NONE the best crowds ever were when TASW come to San Antonio's "Trader's Village" always more that 1000 people in attendance, fans are quick to boo "the Menace" although there were no title matches or any kinds of pushes, being part of the roster & being treated with the utmost respect was good enough!

The Biggest Highlight ever was the promotion recognizing "Lemus Dos" for 30 years in the business

TASW action!

**Experiences, A Good Career**

Change is constant, In this era, Wrestling has become very "Hybrid" "Lemus Dos" is hard working, fresh and has always kept up with the times, currently(2019)fans see Lemus Dos at Mexican American Lucha Libre (MALL) Texas Wrestling Association (TWA) Pride Championship Wrestling (PCW) on April 22, 2017 "The Menace" won the first ever AAPW cruiser weight title wiping out 9 other cruiser weights, in Austin, TX, currently in talks for upcoming TWA Lucha Libre!

"Lemus Dos" is NOT a big time superstar, instead a decent worker with a passion for the Wrestling business, sportsman, team player, as a form of "RESPECT" he emulated the styles of "El Solitario" "Sangre Chicana" "Lemus Sr" " el Canek" to becoming himself rough, smart, 80's traditional style "A conservative Rudo" It's been 30 Years in the Wrestling Game & actively remains on top as the most charismatic outgoing and one of a Kind, "Rudo"

"Lemus Dos" has worked with & against such stars as;
*Chavo Guerrero Sr, Sicodelico Jr, Honky Tonk Man, El Bello Greco, Victoria (NXT) ACH, Maniaco, Laredo Kid, Lance Archer/ Hoyt, Byron Wilcot, Dusty Wolfe, Juan Reynosa, Randy Hoskins, Rudy Boy Gonzalez, Arandu, El Horoscopo, Estrella Universal, Universitario, Karla Maria, Stellaris Sr,Jr,Spartan,Dyl Dempsey, Street Boy, Ken Johnson, Javier Santana Sr, Mike Dell, Rudy Russo, Alamo Kid, Estrella Galactica, Quinten Allen, Mr. B, Don Juan, Lowrider, Claudia de Solis, Delilah Doom, Kevin Douglas, Ben Galvan etc.

"The Menace from East L.A" has always taken name & persona to higher level, awesome confidence & the ultimate drive to be different & not just another Luchador, always sporting different gear, jersey's, colors & socializing with all kinds of artists, he's been featured in;
*Lucha Wiki.com Conexcion Magazine, San Antonio Public Library, The Mc Nay Museum, Grand opening of "Museo Alameda" Superluchas.com, Dollar Shave.Com

Music's Life" Since Day#1 Lemus Dos has always kept his "Flow" real, his main musical influences, was;
*The infusion of "Chicano Rap" in L.A, Kid Frost, A.L.T, Lighter Shade Of Brown, Proper Dos, Lowrider Magazine, The Mexakins, The Funky Aztecs, Mellow Man Ace, Psycho Realm, N 2 Deep, Delinquent Habits, Kinto Sol, Sunny Ozuna & The Sunliner's, Zombies, WAR, Chicago, Earth Wind Fire, MALO, Dino, Rodney O & DJ Joe Cooley,Zapp, Abe at Candillejas, The FUNK era, DJ 911, Danny Casanova at KEDA, "Disco Al" at KFHM, Baker Boys, Julio G, Dee-Lite, VFW Post 76, go Navy!
"Casa de Musquiz" 1986 VIP rolling with "The Cover Girls" Late great 88 Power Mix, Club Image
Without Music, Locale, good Vibes "Lemus Dos" wouldn't be the person he is today!

It's been a great career full of friendships & travels, it's been an honor working all over the Southwest & Mexico & fortunate to have learned both "Lucha Libre & American Wrestling" still remaining active & better!
Aside wrestling, in 2010 after 22 years in the US Navy, he retires, Over a 20 year career as a veteran Deputy Sheriff, assigned to the County Jail.

Badge of honor!!!

Rolling w "Bbop"!

****Quick Facts****

Debut: October 26,1986 Arena Valadez, San Antonio, Tx.

**Family In Wrestling**

El Latino(Brother)
Lemus I(Uncle)
Lemus Jr.(Cousin)
Roberto Solloa(Mad Dog Cruz,God Father)
Juan Reynosa(Cousin)

(2013)Lemus2 & "El Latino

****Titles, Awards Held****

Universal Wrestling Assc(UWA) Jr Heavy Weight Title, Corpus, Christi,Tx
Underground Texas Wrassling (UTW) Heavy Weight Title
Texas Xtreme Wrestling (TXW) Light Heavy Weight Title, Corpus, Christi,Tx
Lucha Libre Mexicana (LLM) Heavy Weight Title
Mexican American Wrestling (MAW) Lucha Libre Heavy Weight Title (4)Times
Pro Wrestling International (PWI) Tag Team Titles (W/ Chief Battu)
Pro Wrestling International (PWI) US Heavyweight Champion (Two Times)
Pro Wrestling International (PWI) HEAVYWEIGHT Champion (Long awaited took 21 years)
Texas Wrestling Assc (TWA) Lucha Libre Champion (2 Times)
Texas Wrestling Assc (TWA) American Wrestling Champion
Tough & Texas (TNT) Tag Team Titles (W/ El Resplandor)
Texas Wrestling Federation (TWF) Tag Team Titles (W/ El Resplandor)
Texas Wrestling Federation (TWF) Tag Team Titles (W/ Black Soul)
Jaivos Wrestling Promotions (JWP) International Hvy Weight Title, Houston Tx
(2001-2002)LLM "Rudo of The Year"
(2008-2009) S.A Indy Wrestling, TX top 50 wrestlers.
(2010)Indywarz.com TX Top 100, #73.
(2017)AAPW Cruiser-weight Champion

**Masks Won In "Mask Vs Mask" Matches**

"El Crazzy" (In TWE)
"Krazzy Soul" (In Nuevo Laredo, Mex)


*Lucha Libre*

Wrestling Alamo City
Arena Valadez
Centeno Lucha Libre
Mucha Lucha Libre/ Austin
Lucha Libre Mexicana
Promociones Pedraza/Layton
Division Del Norte, Arena 4 Caminos/ Mexico
Arena Cuate Herrera/ Mexico
Arena Siglo 21/ Mexico
Jaivos Wrestling Promotion/ Houston Tx

*American Wrestling*

USA Pro Wrestling
Southwest Championship Wrestling II
South Texas Pro Wrestling
South Texas Extreme Wrestling
Underground Texas Wrassslin
Universal Wrestling Asscociation/ Corpus Christi
Texas Xtreme Wrestling/ Corpus Christi
Capitol Of Texas Warriors/ Austin
Total Championship Wrestling/ Austin
Southwest Texas Wrestling Federation/ Austin
NWA Velocity/ Austin
Texas Outlaw Promotion/ Mineral Wells, TX
Pro Wrestling International
Mexican American Wrestling
Mexican American Lucha Libre
Extreme Texas Wrestling
Texas Wrestling Entertainment
Texas Heat Wrestling
Texas Wrestling Asscociation
Texas Wrestling Federation/ Seguin, Tx
TNT Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling Asscociation/ Eagle Pass, Tx
Warriors For Christ
Vela Promotions
Southern Championship Wrestling, Lytle Tx
Chop Fest Wrestling
Texas All-Star Wrestling (TASW)/ Houston, TX
Laredo Gateway Pro Wrestling/ Laredo, TX
5 Star Wrestling/ Laredo, TX
Laredo Wrestling Alliance/ Laredo, TX
America's Academy of Pro Wrestling (AAPW)Plugerville, TX
Wrestle Circus, Austin, TX
Premiere Wrestling Entertainment Round Rock, TX
Christian Championship Wrestling
Central Texas Championship Wrestling
Branded Outlaw Wrestling
Pride Championship Wrestling
Galactic Pro Wrestling

(2005) S.A magazine "Connexcion" ran an article on two brothers trying to make it in the wrestling business!

"Ultimately it's the fans that decide whether you're a good wrestler or a bad one"

(C)Since 2002, Lemus2 BIOGRAPHY