****The Lemus Dos Fan Page****

***This page,dedicated to all the fans, thanks for you're support!!!

The LA Crew!!!!

I love seeing this couple from show to show, honor to be pictured with Mr.& Mrs. Torres, avid wrestling fans, quiet, kickback & cool!!!!!

Octavio from Califas!!!!

(2007) San Antonio Public Library, talking to the kids about Lucha Libre culture!

Signing pictures!!!!

The Perez bros decide to come over my house & raided my gear "ok Lemus let's take a picture"

"Big Happy"

Rolling with my compadre "Carlos Lopez"

Fans always come first!!!!!!!!

One of many letters from one of the kids at "Glen Oaks Elementary School!

(L)Roger Duran & kids (R)"Ben" from San Anto!

Kids of all ages love wrestling & as a kid I loved a Japanese wrestler named "Tiger Mask"

"UWA" Corpus Christi, TX (1994) Signing pictures!!

With Leonard

On a Sunday afternoon with Pops & Bro! (r) El Latino & Lemus Dos Roll with our boy "Daniel Rerucha" from San Diego, Ca.

(2000)rolling with Jonas, LLM......(2005) with my shipmates Jackie Acosta & Nelly "Muneca" Mendoza

(C)Since 2002 Fans Are A Wrestler's Biggest Treasure.